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Our Proven Digital Marketing Strategy

This is the strategy behind our client's success

Product/Market Fit

In this phase we will be analysing your product/service and the target audience you're marketing towards. We will also be coming up with ideas on how to pitch your product/service in a manner which your target audience will find attractive

Your Pricing (optional)

You might have the best product/service available but if the pricing is not right then you still won't make much sales. This phase is where we will help you decide on an appropriate pricing for your specific audience your're targeting                                                                          

Selecting Traffic

With all the available social media and different strategies to market your company online it can easily become very confusing as to where to start. This stage is where we select the traffic sources your clients/customers spend most of their time

Creating The
Lead Magnet

Here we will be creating various offers to attract visitors on your site into leads. This offer is called a lead magnet. Many businesses make the mistake by offering their core product/service right away without offering a lead magnet offer first


A tripwire offer is what is offered immediately after your lead magnet. This is usually a low priced offer and the main objective of the tripwire is to convert leads into buyers. We will be working together on creating a tripwire in this part of the process

Offer Your Main

Many businesses start here by offering their core service or product at their leads before even warming them up with lead magnets and trip wire offers. This is like asking someone for marriage before even getting to know them... Don't do that!

Offer An

Most of your customers will just be interested in your main service/product. However there'll be a small group of people wanting to buy MORE. cater for them by offering an upsell immediately after they've purchased your main product or service

Make Them

It's much easier to sell to existing customers than it is acquiring new customers since with existing customers you've already established trust with your company. Constant communication between you and your customers is essential                                  

Kevin's Testimonial

Founder of ZOOOMORGANICS in Canada

Kevin got hold of us and asked us to help him launch his new health brand, Zooomorganics. We started off the project by first understanding his business model. Once we knew how his business operates we then started researching on his customers to see what are their interests, likes, dislikes, pain points etc.

After customer research we moved on to creating offers for his customers. Since we understood them very well we could create an offer they love – we had to find what it was that Kevin’s brand and products solves for his customers’ pain points.

Kevin also needed a blog style website as well as social media set up and marketing. We also did graphic design for him since he never had a logo designed yet or any video and image ads.

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